Schipperkes are a small breed of dog originating in Belgium. They are a very old breed of dog dating back many centuries and were the original show dogs.

Schipperkes are a wonderful breed, full of life and fun and they enjoy nothing more than being with their owners and playing a game with them. Schipperkes will happily play "fetch" with their owners and to this end they almost self exercise however they do enjoy a good walk where they can take in the sights and sounds around them and perhaps meet up with some doggy friends for a bit of socializing.

Schipperkes are a relatively low maintenance breed, they do not have a doggy odour so do not require bathing often at all however they do shed coat twice a year and at this time require daily brushing to remove the dead coat. Toe nails need to be examined and cut when required. As with all dogs, they need early socialization to ensure that they are comfortable around other dogs and people and they also require obedience training or they will quickly work out they can take over and dictate what they want!!! They are a very smart breed and respond well to training, many have gone on to excel at obedience trials, agility and tracking.

Schipperkes are a natural guarding breed and as such will often bark at what they perceive to be a danger such as people coming on to their property or something unusual, this can be an advantage and they can easily be trained to cease barking when told. They are not avid barkers and do not bark for the sake of it, they merely bark to alert.

All of our puppies are very special to us, we do not breed constantly so we can devote ourselves to each and every puppy in each and every litter and give them the attention that they deserve. They are well socialized from a young age and are well on the way to being totally toilet trained when they leave us. They are raised in the house so are accustomed to the every day hustle and bustle of a home.

Our resident Schipperkes are Iselite Mons Tanga C.D. (gold male), Australian Champion Ophnbark N Mad (black female), Ophnbark Got The Goss (gold male),  Iselite Mons Water Lily (gold female), Australian Champion Ophnbark Call To Arms (black male), Ophnbark E Boots (black male), Beadale Gold Nuget (gold female) and Ophnbark Creme De La Creme (cream female). Tanga was involved with obedience trialling but has now retired to a life on the farm, Maddie is shown when time permits and also does a bit of obedience, Gossy  enjoys herding our livestock and doing some agility and obedience,   Lily will learn to herd,  and Sarge and Maisie are concentrating on conformation showing for the moment. Boots is only a youngster and recently started his conformation showing with a Baby Puppy In Group and Ella is the baby of the family who is enjoying being shown.