About Us

Ted & Kerry Doyle are the owners of  Ophnbark German Spitz. We have been involved with dogs for most of our lives and were involved with dog training for many years with Ted having been an instructor at several obedience clubs as well as previously running our own classes.

We met at an obedience club when Ted was instructing and Kerry training her dogs. From there things progressed and we married with four of our then dogs being involved in the wedding ceremony.

Although we have bred and shown Schipperkes for many years we have always had a strong interest in German Spitz however it was not until we were asked to show a bitch for Mediaevalage Kennels in Mackay, Queensland that we truly fell in love with this fantastic, fun loving breed. We have formed a wonderful partnership with Melissa and Jason Field of Mediaevalage and can not thank them enough for giving us such a wonderful start in the breed.

We share our home with our German Spitz and our three remaining Schipperkes all of which are much loved members of our family.

We are involved with showing our dogs, an activity that we all enjoy. We pride ourselves on the behaviour of our dogs, they can be taken anywhere and don't let us down. They especially love children and are very tolerant of them even when the children do get boisterous.