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Dyslexie font, the revolutionary font for people with dyslexia

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The letters of the Dyslexie font are designed by taking the different characteristics of dyslexia into consideration.

The Dyslexie font is specially designed for people with dyslexia, in order to make reading easier – and more fun. During the design process, all basic typography rules and standards were ignored. Readability and specific characteristics of dyslexia are used as the guidelines for the design.

The most common reading errors of dyslexia are swapping, mirroring, changing, turning and melting letters together. In the Dyslexie font, every letter is uniquely shaped, eliminating the common reading errors of dyslexia. The innovative font increases the ease of reading for people with dyslexia, meanwhile offering non-dyslectics some reading benefits as well.

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Check out the 10 most important features of the Dyslexie font:

1. Heavy bottom

The center of gravity is placed at the bottom, avoiding turning letters upside down, while adding a clear base line. 

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2. Inclined letters

Let's face it, who doesn't confuse ''b" with "d"? Letters that look alike are placed slightly inclined, which makes them easier to distinguish.

3. Enlarged openings

The openings of the Dyslexie font letters are enlarged. This way letters look less alike and will be easily recognized by their shape.

4. Other shapes

The shapes of the letters that look alike are adjusted subtly, which decreases the chance of switching and mirroring them.

5. Longer sticks

Some Dyslexie font letters have longer sticks, which helps to decrease switching letters while reading.

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6. Capital letters and punctuation

Punctuation marks and capital letters are bold, emphasizing the breaks, endings and beginnings of phrases.

7. Various heights

Letters that look alike are differentiated by several heights. This way each Dyslexie font letter is an unique character, avoiding letter swaps.

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8. Higher x-height

The height of the letters is increased, whereas the width isn’t. This adds 'air' to the Dyslexie font letters, making them easier to distinguish.

9. Better spacing

The distance between individual letters and words is enlarged, which makes reading more convenient and avoids the crowding effect.

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